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The Battle Cats



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In “The Battle Cats”, you can watch weirdly cute cats rampage across the world!

Command your very own Cat Army in a battle through space in time!


  • Easy Battle System and Controls!
    • Just tap on your favorite cat, fire the cannon and blast all the bad cats invading your base! Then, take down other bases with your own Cat Squad!
  • Simple Leveling System!
    • Just clear the stages to get experience points and level up your Cats! Unlock their true, weirder forms!
  • Super Fun!
    • Collect treasures, recruit rare and exotic Cats, create a Cat army, and take over the world!
    • Play in 3 Story Mode adventures with hundreds of stages!
    • Play the Legend challenges and achieve victory!
    • Fun for all ages, and their cats!

Let’s go! Choose your weird Battle Cat today!

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